Jão & Guest

• Palco Sunset
Jão & Guest

The singer Jão started gaining visibility by doing covers on his YouTube channel. His first big hit was “Imaturo”, a song that put the singer on the charts in 2018. In the same year, he secured the MTV MIAW award in the “Presta Atenção” (Pay Attention) category. 

Jão already accumulates feats with artists such as Ludmilla, Lagum, Nando Reis and Vitor Kley. His new album, called “Pirata”, has already arrived acclaimed, with songs like “Idiota”, “Coringa” and “Não te amo”. 

Why watch?


"Pirata", the singer's new album, debuted with 3.7 million plays on the Brazilian platform.


The song "Idiota" has reached Top 20 of the most listened songs in Brazil.


With three already released albums, Jão collects hits and promises to deliver a great performance on the Sunset Stage.