• Palco Mundo
Ivete has already conquered Brazil and the world with her voice, her charisma and her power. A fullpack artist who needs no introduction. She sings, she plays, she dances, she hosts television shows, acts in movies, does voiceovers, and wherever she goes, she increases her legion of fans who have faithfully followed her for over 20 years. Veveta has a long history of success and impressive achievements. In 2022, Ivete’s concert on Palco Mundo will be the 15th appearance of the singer at Rock in Rio, who also performed in Lisbon, Madrid and the United States. Her international recognition does not stop there. She has performed with prestigious artists around the world, not to mention shows in other countries and the iconic DVD recorded at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Why watch?


Each Ivete show is a unique experience for the audience. The energy of the stage and the audience is definitely contagious


Over 300 songs, more than 18 million copies sold and more than 150 national and international awards, such as the Latin Grammy and the Shorty Awards.


Wherever she goes, fans celebrate. There are more than 300 fan clubs registered, a number that only reaffirms the greatness of Ivete Sangalo.