PUBLICADO EM: 31/05/2022

The City of Rock has gained a new World Stage

Capa Capa

Rock in Rio, more than a festival, is an event that involves a lot of emotion, love, and delivery in every detail. It’s always about what withstands time, that moment in which the encounter of sounds and lights are eternal and renew our drive for life. This is true for the artist, for the audience and now also for the structures of the stage. Yes, the World Stage of 2022, just like our best memories, is here to stay and will be the first 100% recycled and 100% eternally recyclable stage. 

This means that the steel used throughout the support, in addition to being 100% recycled, will continue to be recyclable. But it isn’t just the structure that has changed. The design was also redesigned to bring the City of Rock a more imposing look, with an even larger and more modern front. 

The World Stage of 2022 will consist of a modular scenography in metallic sheets with a satin white finish that, through volumetrics and perforations, will explore the depths, creating a dynamism together with the scenic lighting, which will have more than 300 spots embedded in the scenographic facade. 

More than 175 tons of manufactured steel will be needed to assemble the scenography, with more than 100 linear meters in width and a height equivalent to a 10-floor building. 

As of the 2022 edition, Rock in Rio’s purpose for a better world is reinforced from the structures. Less environmental impact, more emotional impact.